Covid19 Response to Level 2 (Sept)

In response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 cases, we have continued to follow the guidance of health experts, such as the NZ Ministry of Health and have increased our already high standards of cleanliness throughout our office and warehouse. 

Our employees have been trained on our heightened efforts and have been educated to bring the same level of awareness to their own health — encouraging them to stay home if they are not well.

Toomac Solutions is currently following the Level 2 regulations; we are therefore able to provide personal fittings for compression garments referred by a medical professional. Please phone for an appointment. For repeat orders, we can provide contactless service and require clients to phone ahead if possible. We ask all people coming to Toomac to wear a mask when they arrive at our premises.

We also have a comprehensive set of instructions to assist with self measuring and there a many of our products that can be purchased by emailing or linking through the contact page on this website.