Juzo Trend Colours 2020

Keeping garments colourful; Juzo has created it's latest trend colours to celebrate friendship. After all, where would we be without our friends?

Adding colour to your wardrobe; trend colours are warm and bright, the perfect way to express yourself.

This year Juzo has focused its latest trend colours to celebrate friendship and those that mean the most to you. Blue Love, Violet Truth and Pink Soul are colours that are unique and distinctive, just like any of your friends. Available in flat knit Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Strong, or round knit Juzo Soft (Upper and Lower Extremity). Colours can be Uni, batik black or white (batik limited to leg and arm products except Juzo Expert Strong).

Image Source: Julius Zorn GmbH, Aichach, www.juzo.com 
Brochure available to download from Toomac Solutions library