RDNZ Event invitation for Primary Lymphoedema sufferers

Primary Lymphoedema (congenital abnormality occurring within the lymphatic system) is estimated to effect 1/6000 people in certain locations in the world.

As part of Rare Disease Day 2020, Rare Disordes New Zealand (RDNZ) has teamed up with Fortune Favours craft beer brewers to create a Rare Beer.

This “collab-brew” will be created by members of the rare disorder community, alongside award-winning brewer Dale, using very special ingredients. This Rare Beer will be distributed to bars throughout Wellington, and is a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds for RDNZ.

Beer fans can be a part of this brewing process -it will take place Wednesday 15th January at Fortune Favours brewery in central Wellington. The brewing process goes from 9am to midday, though brew assistants wouldn’t need to be present for the whole period. Once the beer is created, it will develop over four weeks and be ready mid-February. 

If you would be interested in helping create our unique brew and would be happy to share your experience of living with a rare disorder or being a family member to someone who has an uncommon health condition, please get in touch with Amy (amy.watson@raredisorders.org.nz).