7.5cm x 5m
Thysol CureTape®

7.5cm x 5m

CureTape® is made of high-quality elastic cotton with an anti-allergic acrylic adhesive layer. Its ventilating and skin-friendly properties mean that the tape can be kept on for longer periods than would otherwise be possible. The tape is water resistant, so that the client can shower or swim as usual.

CureTape® is registered as a medical aid Class 1, meets the strictest quality requirements, is safe to use and does not contain any latex (TÜV quality mark).

CureTape® 7.5cm x 5m wide rolls can be used for lymph and blood flow activation, pain reduction and improving range of motion, supporting joints and improving muscles function.

  • Size: 7.5cm x 5m (1 Roll or Box of 4)

  • Colour: Beige only

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