Little Supporter
Arion Group®

Little Supporter

Based on the 'fisherman's stool' the Little Supporter reduces physical stress for a caregiver; supporting an arm or leg so a caregiver can wash the limb, look after a wound, or put on an elastic garment. 

The frame of the Little Supporter is made from a light glass fibre/plastic construction that is very strong and resistant to wear. This frame can also be sterilised. For hygiene reasons, the option of a disposable sling was chosen.

Product benefits of Little Supporter:

  • Effortlessly dressing or bandaging an arm or leg
  • One care provider can do the work
  • Reduces the physical workload for the care provider
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time and money
  • Long life
  • Made from synthetic material reinforced with glass fibres
  • Hygienic with the use of disposable support surface
  • Easy to carry with you (retractable)
  • Frame can be domestically cleaned or disinfected
  • Arion Little Supporter for leg or arm (during bandaging)

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