PostOperative Scar  Seamless Glove

PostOperative Scar Seamless Glove

The Juzo Postoperative Scar Seamless Glove is an ideal solution for the postoperative intermediate stage in scar management where a custom made compression garment might not yet be adequate. The innovative seamless fabric is breathable and guarantees a comfortable skin environment. The edges at the wrist and finger stubs are particularly soft and exert only minimal pressure. This prevents rolling up of the edges as well as constrictions and pressure sores resulting from this. The 3D comfort zone in the sensitive area between the thumb and index finger prevents creasing of the fabric and protects the skin from irritations.

Colours Available: Almond and Black Pepper in stock

  • Fabric Quality: PostOperative Scar Seamless (9058)

  • Style: Gauntlet (HDA), Glove (HFA)

  • Compression Class: 18-21mmHg

  • Size: S, M, L, XL

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