Toomac Solutions carry a range of medical compression garments, suitable for managing oedema, varicose veins, and other related conditions.  

We have off the shelf sizes to suit most requirements and a custom made service if required.

Compression therapy plays an important role in the treatment of lymphatic oedema. We have ready to wear and custom made garments in a range of compression classes, styles and colours.

At Toomac Solutions we have available Juzo Soft, Juzo Dynamic and Juzo Expert garments.

We advise you to consult with your medical professional in all cases.

What other options do I have? Solaris offer a range of products that support lymphoedema management (throughout the day and night), venous insufficiency and wound management.

We carry this new range as an alternative solution to managing oedema.

Anyone wearing compression garments wishes to retain their independence. To assist in this area we carry a range of aids to help put on and take stockings off and also if required to keep your garment in place.

Toomac also offer a variety of products to assist injury recovery and carry a growing range of orthotic products.

We have a range of medical taping solutions from Thysol BV. The product known as CureTape(R) is available in a wide variety of colours and lengths.