Juzo Sensation is a compression garment specifically designed to manage lipoedema. Available in 15-20mmHg compression in three styles; Pantyhose (AT), Capri (CT) and Bermuda (FT). The Juzo Sensation assists to reduce limb pain, fatigue and heaviness, help shape and comfort and improve mobility. 


  • Micro massage technology; to increase circulation and reduce fibrotic tissue
  • High rise waistband with gluteal panel; providing support and comfort and improving range of motion
  • Therapeutic full knit graduated compression; assist oedema reduction and leg support

Colours: Beige, Black

  • Fabric Quality: 3900 Sensation

  • Compression Class: 15-20mmHg

  • Style: Pantyhose (AT), Capri (CT), Bermuda (FT)

  • Standard Sizes: S, M, L, XL

  • Plus sizing: M Plus, L Plus, XL Plus

  • AT Lengths: Standard, Short

  • Colours: Beige, Black

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