Our Story

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In 1984,

Businessman Peter MacFarlane founded Toomac Holdings Ltd, with a range of products he could supply into the NZ market.

The business was founded on great customer relationships Peter had established throughout his working life and his commitment to customer first was the touchstone of his new venture.  Operations started in Peter’s garage, which later became the Warehouse, and soon his wife, Elsie MacFarlane, and son, Ian MacFarlane, became involved in the business.

Over the next few years the company continued to expand and Toomac Holdings Ltd moved into its first commercial premises. Peter and Elsie’s daughter, Robyn Kinnear, then joined the business as well, adding Juzo Medical Compression Garments to the Toomac product range.  

Forty years later, the Toomac team continues to work together to achieve the company’s objectives, maintaining a professional focus whilst honouring the ‘customer first’ tradition.

Today we distribute a wide range of Ophthalmic and Compression products to customers right across New Zealand, sourced from hand-picked suppliers around the globe.  We take pride in our customer focus, providing high quality products with outstanding customer service. We strive to find solutions for our customers, communicating and collaborating with them to achieve the best possible results.

The company continues to expand, with new technologies available, expanding product ranges, and a growing customer base as the NZ economy and population base grow. The commitment to customer first is a core value that all staff accept and support.