What are "Medical Compression Garments" and how do they work?

Medical compression garments are specialised garments made from versatile extendable textiles; the elastic properties of the fabric are set at time of manufacture. The garments exert the greatest amount of pressure distally (i.e. from the ankle or wrist), gradually reducing the compression up the garment and limb proximally (i.e. toward the heart). This compression therapy assists the movement of blood and lymph fluid providing support for venous disorders, lymphoedema, lipoedema and more.

What is the difference between "anti-embolism" and medical grade compression stockings and what does it mean by compression class?

Anti-embolism stockings, sometimes known as Teds®, are intended for non-ambulatory patients, those confined to a bed.  It is common for physicians to prescribe these stockings for patients to prevent thrombosis (coagulation) and stimulate blood flow.  They are white and have an opening under the foot.  They have a compression range from 8-18mmHg. While suitable for bed-ridden patients, it is not recommended these garments are used for travel or daily physical activities.

Medical grade compression stockings are therapeutic and designed for people who are mobile.  They work with a graduated effect, providing 100% of the compression at the distal point being the ankle, and gradually decreasing compression up the leg. They are manufactured in compression ranges:

Light/Support range 15-20mmHg, Low compression 18-21mmHg (class one), moderate compression 23-32mmHg (class two) and strong compression 34-46+mmHg (class three). Graduated compression stockings are designed for specific medical indications.

Stockings from 18-21mmHg and below are available over the counter (OTC), whilst other compression levels require a medical prescription.

NB: mmHg stands for millimetres of mercury; this is the measurement used to measure compression hosiery.

What sort of referral information is required from my Doctor?

We require instructions from your Clinician for Class 2 (23-32mmHg) or stronger compression. A PDF of a prescription form is available here, for printing and completion by your Doctor.

Where can I get my Juzo Compression garment?

Toomac Solutions is a key New Zealand distributor for the German and US made Juzo Medical compression garments. We have a readily available supply of travel stocking/socks, Thysol-tape, Medical tape, cast protectors, graduated medical compression garments (Class 1, 2 and 3) in styles for below knee, thigh high, pantyhose, bike shorts, sleeves, gloves and gauntlets. All garments are available for males and females from off-the-shelf to the made-to-measure requirements of our clients. We also have a range of aids available that can assist in the donning or doffing of compression garments including the Arion Magnide, Easy Slide Aids and Sim Slide.

We offer a fitting service from Monday to Friday by appointment; 9am-4pm at our premises, 32D Poland Road Glenfield, Auckland.

To make an appointment please freephone 0508 443 5347 and follow the prompts.

If you require our services outside the Auckland area, please contact us for further information on how and where you may be able to receive our goods.

Do you supply garments through your website/online?

No. Because these are medical products it is important to be appropriately measured by a trained specialist for medical compression garments, ensuring correct fit and style. If you are not able to make an appointment to see us at our premises, please call us on 0508 443 5347 to discuss alternative options or directions to your local supplier/therapist.

How often should I wash my Compression Garments?

Garments should be washed daily for hygiene and textile preservation. Daily washing shrinks garments back to original shape & size for optimum compression and fit each day.  Use regular non-fragrant laundry powder detergents, avoid high temperatures, and dry out of harsh sunlight. Juzo garments can be washed in a washing machine within a laundry bag or pillow case. If hand washing avoid excessively wringing them as this can stretch them, rather roll them up in a towel to soak excess water. 

How long will my Compression Garment work?

Regular washing and care of your garment will extend the life of your garment. After approximately 6 months of everyday wear, garments usually need replacing.

Is there any Latex in Juzo Compression Garments?

No, all our garments are Latex free.

Can I use lotions or creams in conjunction with my garments?

Yes, although some creams/lotions will shorten the useful life of the garment.

What range is available to support vascular problems during pregnancy?

We supply a comprehensive range of class one (18-21mmHg) and two (23-32mmHg) maternity pantyhose (with pocket). They are available in a range of sizes. Please contact us for more information.

Can I wear my compression garments at night?

Some people do need to wear compression garments at night due to health issues, post-surgery or venous treatments, however it is not recommended by the manufacturer to wear compression garments at night unless otherwise advised by your Doctor or Specialist. There are specific night garments available. 

Why Juzo/Toomac Solutions?

Toomac Solutions has a very friendly customer service team who are committed to providing the best quality products and service to all our customers.

Toomac Solutions compression garments are supplied by Juzo; a German owned company that has been established for over 100 years, with manufacturing plants in both Germany and the USA. Juzo’s philosophy is that medical garments should not inhibit a person’s lifestyle. This philosophy and commitment is reflected in the detail of the care and design of the Juzo garments. 

Our garments have been quality tested multiple times by certified testing bodies before they are given approval to leave the factory and reach you, our customers.

Toomac Solutions offers garments that are comfortable for the wearer in a range of fabrics (including cotton) and colours plus they look good.

Toomac Solutions carry a large range of medical compression garments in various styles, sizes and fabrics but also have alternative options including compression wraps for clients who find the medical compression stockings unsuitable for their daily use.

What are Juzo’s warranties?

Juzo guarantees their products will be free of manufacturer's defects* and will maintain their prescribed compression for six months from date of purchase when proper care advice is followed.

*Manufacturer Defect: A flaw in manufacture that is existent and apparent the moment the box is opened. This does not include: ordering the incorrect size, normal wear and tear, pulled threads, runs, wear at the toe, or holes due to fingernails, toenails, snags; or any problem caused by the wearer in application, improper use, or care of the garment.

What is your returns policy?

Toomac does strive to provide excellent service and products.  If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your garment you can read our returns policy on our site here.