8400 Oedema Therapy

Information and tips about lymph- and lipoedema

8400 Phlebology, Leg Health

Information and tips about your venous health, Plus: 3 minute self test

8401 Juzo Travel and Support Hosiery

Finding the right support hosiery for you, tips and tricks for travelling safely

8401 Lymphoedema Diary

Print out a copy for your own lymphoedema diary, monitor your progress, complications and changes

8406 Juzo Oedematherapy

Information and tips on lymphoedema and lipoedema

8410 Juzo Compression Therapy

Learn everything you need about compression therapy

Arion Accessories Survey

Email your completed feedback form to

Arion Easy Slide Arm

Arion Easy Slide Arm, donning aid for compression armsleeves

Arion Easy Slide Leg

Arion Easy Slide Leg, donning aid for open toe compression garments

Arion Little Supporter

Arion Little Supporter, for support during bandaging arms or legs

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