Juzo Compression Garment Prescription

Referral prescription for medical compression garments to be filled out by a Medical specialist, Clinician or GP

Juzo Compression Therapy during Travel

Compression therapy helps minimize and control swelling in the legs and ankle whilst reducing the risk of DVTs

Juzo Glue Adhesive Instructions

Instructions on how to properly and safely, apply and remove compression garment adhesive

Juzo Stocking Fitting and Care Instructions

Care and donning instructions for compression socks, stockings and pantyhose.

Juzo Support your Pregnancy with Compression Therapy

Support your legs from swelling and varicose veins during your pregnancy

Juzo Trend Colours 2019

Check out the 2019 Trend Colours, compression garments that are both stylish and colourful

Juzo What you should know about your compression garment

Frequently asked questions and their answers on compression garments and how to care for and wear them

Juzo, 10 Recommend Exercises for your legs

How to look after your leg health and improve circulation

Juzo, Anti-Embolisom (TEDs) vs Compression

What is the difference between Anit-Embolic stockings (TEDs) and Graduated Medical Compression? What is better for my legs?

Juzo, Your leg health and how compression therapy can help

What to look out for and how you can protect your legs by wear medical compression garments

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