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Our most durable, seamless compression fabric.  Provides excellent containment and is available with many options.

  • Extremely soft, non irritating against the skin
  • Full foot style available to "blanket" the toe area
  • Now available in MAX sizes to allow for larger circumferences off the shelf (See separate US Size Chart)
  • Available with silver on request
  • Biker Short option available in beige, black and white.

Dynamic Cotton Rib

A skin friendly, durable and comfortable sock able to be worn in both dress and casual setting. Designed with a larger foot portion to accommodate men with a large shoe size. Available in Beige and Black only off the shelf.

Models: Dynamic 3511, 3512 & 3513 (and silver 3561, 3562). Dynamic Cotton Rib 3521 & 3522. Biker Shorts 3500

Styles: Knee High, Thigh High, Biker Short and Pantyhose (Silicon Topband option available) -also available as Armsleeves

Open or closed toe

Compression: 18-21mmHg (3511), 23-32mmHg (3512), 34-46mmHg (3513) RAL

Colours Available: Beige and some Black in stock. Other colours available on request.


Seasonal Colours ex USA - Pink, Cosmic, Cupcake, Fairy Dust, Fierce, Icy Blue, Lagoon, Vapor (available in both stockings and sleeves, with black and white tie dye options).


Important: Every tie dye garment is unique, re-orders cannot be made identical to original order. Garments may look different to images on website.