Lymphoedema Garments


Lymphoedema is a condition of swelling in one or more  limb.  The condition can occur by way of genetics, or post operatively, but patients most at risk are those having lymph nodes removed during a surgical procedure.


Lymphoedema can be managed by MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and following on from this, it may be appropriate to apply compression therapy to the affected limb.  The accurate fitting and supply of garments for the affected limb/s is critical, both for patient comfort and efficacy.


Juzo Lymphoedema garments are made to the highest standards, there are a wide range of fabric choices, compression classes, styles of garments, colour choices and most importantly size options.  We can also arrange to make custom made garments if an off the shelf size is not appropriate.


Reference to your Doctor or Medical Specialist is recommended in all cases. A prescription form can be downloaded here.  This should be signed by your Doctor or Medical Specilaist with the appropriate compression class indicated.