Juzo Silver Sleeve

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The comfort and durability of standard compression sleeve combined with the therapeutic benefits of silver. Juzo Silver sleeves are knitted with 23% X-STATIC ® silver threads. Ideal for patients who have recurring infections, skin breakdowns or ulcers.

  • High levels of pure silver
  • Safe and natural
  • Silver is permanently bonded to the surface of the textile fibre so the silver won't wash out

Juzo Silver Dynamic

Only available custom made: 3561 Silver (18-21mmHg) and 3562 Silver (23-32mmHg) RAL.

Juzo Silver Expert and Juzo Expert Strong Silver 

Only available custom made: 3021/3051 Silver (18-21mmHg), 3022/3052 (23-32mmHg) and 3023/3053 (34-46mmHg) RAL.