Further information on Medical Taping

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Regardless of the taping technique some considerations to note:


Hypotonic muscle stimulation

Hypertonic muscle inhibition

Protects muscles against overloading

Protects joint

Pain reduction

Reduction of inflammation

Reduction of lymphoedema

Reduction of hematoma

Range of motion influence

Correcting posture

Correcting fascia

Guidelines for Use:

  • The tape should be applied by an appropriately trained Therapist.
  • A test tape should be applied in the first instance to check for skin irritations - some barrier products are available to avoid any irritation.
  • The skin should be clean, dry and oil free prior to application.
  • Remove hair form the skin surface prior to application - the tape adheres better to "bare skin" and removal is easier.
  • The base of the tape is always applied "without" stretch.
  • Avoid wrinkles in the tape or on the skin under the tape.
  • When the tape has been applied, light rubbing will ensure optimal adhesion.
  • Occasionally there is short term itching under the tape (10-20 minutes).  If irritation lasts longer than 30 minutes the tape should be removed (with care).
  • All tape must be removed carefully, preferably when quite wet, with the skin taut, and pull the tape in a rolling motion.
  • The tape can only be used lengthwise, for smaller tapes, the width must be trimmed or the 2.5cm width chosen.
  • It is recommended that after several days of consecutive wear (3-5), the tape is removed and the skin "rested" (24 hours) before reapplication.

You should consult your Doctor or suitably qualified Therapist for more information.

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