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Cure Tape is Latex Free, with the TUV Rheinland quality mark.

Neutral Cure Tape : water resistant.

Packaging Options:

Individual Rolls, width 5.0cm x 5 metres (or a Box of 6 in assorted colours) Colours available: Beige, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and White.

Individual Rolls ART, width 5.0cm x 5 metres (or a Box of 6 assortment) Prints available: Tattoo, Tiger, Zebra, Leopard,Tartan and Army Blue

Giant Roll, width 5.0cm x 31.5 metres (Beige, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and Yellow)

Twin Rolls, width 2.5cm x 5 metres (Beige) (2 per box)

Wide Roll, width 7.5cm x 5 metres (Beige)

Punch-Tape, width 5.0cm x 5 metres (Beige, Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Orange), Useful for scar management


We also have available for purchase the following literature:

MTC Handbook of Medical Taping: Author Harry Pijnappel

A book on general taping methodologies, incorporating a lot of pictures and an accompanying DVD.

Lymph Taping; Theory, Technique, Practice: Author Joysa Sijmonsma

A book focused on primary and secondary lymph disorders in conjunction with lymph taping examples.  Includes many photographs and diagrams.


For more information visit; http://curetape.com/