Achill Xtra

Achill Xtra

JuzoFlex Achill Xtra provides tendon relief for irritated or inflamed Achilles tendons with the additional support of the silicone pressure pad. A heel wedge can be used to increase the effect of the JuzoFlex Achill Xtra and a second heel wedge can be supplied for the other leg to prevent pelvic tilt.

With breathable, microfibre fabric that is moisture wicking and latex free the JuzoFlex Achill Xtra helps reduce oedema quickly.

Features Include:

  • Anatomically shaped, viscoelastic silicone pressure pad to ensure even pressure distribution in the region around the Achilles tendon
  • Special stretch zone: support is easy to put on and take off
  • Comfort zone in the instep area: prevents creasing, thereby providing increased wearing comfort
  • Perfect fit: anatomically-shaped, CCL 2 (compression class 2) fabric, including the heel area
  • Breathable, temperature regulating and skin-friendly microfibre fabric
  • Reduced pressure at the borders: no constrictions
  • Article: 1801

  • Colours: Charcoal, Beige

  • Sizes: 1/XS, 2/S, 3/M, 4/L, 5/XL, 6/XXL

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